In 1964, during Natividad Garza Leal´s administration and Praxedis Balboa Gojon´s government, the organic law of the University was dictated to confer to the local councils the power to present the expenses budgets to the assembly and to modify the board structure, which was given agility by instituting an executive council, which organized a campaign to raise funds. The board and the committee budgets were extended by the Decree 275 in 1965. The support enabled the construction of the unit in Tampico, equipment acquisition and the expansion of a center located in Ciudad Victoria, indicating the development with the establishment of new facilities, increases to the budget and administrative reorganization.

A strong student movement in 1967 culminated with the Decree 145 and 146 promulgation. The laws were reformed granting its autonomy and instituting, as well as Universidad Autónoma de México, a governing board with eleven members with directing powers. The university was integrated by ten faculties and six schools, five high schools, an institute and a department. It is currently governed by the Organic Statute approved in 1972 that recognizes as antecedents the Decrees 33 and 34 promulgated by the governor Manuel A. Ravizé, by virtue of which the university was granted full autonomy; recognizing as authorities the assembly, the rector, the General Secretariat, councils of schools, directors, department heads, permanent board and board of trustees; provides the assembly with the broadest executive powers and the rector has management power, representation, administration and execution. Governing Board established by Decree 145 and 146 ceased its functions like university authority on October 4, 1967.


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