First organization

On 4 February 1956, the Governor Horacio Terán promulgated the Decree 156, which dictated the Universidad de Tamaulipas´s constituent law, establishing "with legal personality, autonomous government and freely administered heritage", also recognized the general assembly, local councils on campuses, the rector, schools directors, colleges, institutes and departments, the board and the court of honor as the university authorities.

"Notwithstanding its dispersed nature", says the first article of the organic law of 1956, "University will be a uniform and coherent institution, will maintain close relationship among its members and will seek to unify the university spirit for the better fulfilment of its purposes". This provision has continued in the third article of the Organic Statute. In the explanatory statement of the Decree 157, the legislator expressed the need to integrate "the most important educational institutions that exist in the state" and coordinate "the efforts currently being made in favor of culture and professional education, so this remain an open field toward a progress in higher education, as it is already demanding and will demand it even more the Tamaulipas´s community in the next decades".

The reference laws established the legal basis to whom was entrusted the public service relating to the conservation, research and culture dissemination, science and technology, teacher´s training and the knowledge dissemination and artistic expression among the general population. The law, medicine, odontology and nursing and obstetrics schools in Tampico were incorporated. The first provisional rector was Isaac Sánchez Garza, beginning the academic courses on September 1, 1956.

The school population increased continuously, doubling the number of graduates for the year 1963 in relation to the professionals that obtained the first degrees issued by the university. The veterinary medicine, Social work and nursing and obstetrics schools in Ciudad Victoria and Commerce and administration and nursing and obstetrics schools in Nuevo Laredo increased their annual enrollment, integrating in 1964 a school population of 1,617 students, including Valle Hermoso and Mante high schools.

On November 7, 1962 the Governor Norberto Treviño Zapata promulgated the Decree 209, and the government donated to the university, the Archaeology, Anthropology and History Museum created in 1957. By the end of 1964 were 5 colleges, 5 schools and 2 high schools in Tampico, Ciudad Victoria, Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros and Mante. And in the same year, 171 students had received the bachelor´s degree from the university.


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