With the population´s increase and political stability in the country since 1920, was more necessary to attend higher education in Tamaulipas, because during the revolutionary war the literary institutes were closed in Matamoros and Ciudad Victoria. In 1929, the first school of nursing was established in Tampico and the law and medicine school were founded in 1950, and after that the odontology school, they were administered by a local civil association which was called "Educación Profesional de Tampico", constituting Universidad de Tamaulipas formally in October 30, 1950, presiding by Dr. Alfredo E. Gochicoa, Artemio Villafaña, Natividad Garza Leal, Francisco T. Villarreal, Professor Tirso Saldívar, Dr. Miguel Asomoza Arronte, and Professor Julián Terán.

By Decree 320 established by the legislature state and promulgated on November 14, 1950 by Juan Guerrero Villarreal in charge of the Executive Office in Tamaulipas, were declared official schools, providing that "schools should strictly conform to academic plans of Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México".

The Decree 440 promulgated on April 2, 1951 ordered the "Patronato Pro Universidad  de Tamaulipas" creation, establishing as a decentralized public organism, set by "Secretaría de Educación Pública and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México" guidelines. The board should be integrated with professional representatives, service clubs and the government, allowing it to form its own regulation. The board established by this law did not operate.

By Decree 73 promulgated in 1955 by the senior government officer in  charge of general secretary, Porfirio Flores Garza, declared the odontology school as an official state school, but it was suspended activities and was until 1970 when the university assembly agreed the school foundation.


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