In February 1956, with the creation of Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas´s Constitutive Law, which established the legal personality of an institution whose origins date back to 1950, the same year of the association civil formation called Educación Profesional de Tampico. In March 1967 were promulgated the decrees 145 and 146, which conferred it as an autonomy, and its official name became: Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas.


On November 16, 1968 was approved the emblem project for the University. And the designated commission chose the design from Dr. Abiel Méndez Domínguez, which is the figure of a young man who emerges from an open book; in the right hand holds a torch and left an atom.  The whole is framed in a circle, whose central part displays the caption "Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas".

In its original version, the book represents the culture, from which emerges the young, which symbolizes the students, held a torch in the right hand represents knowledge, as the atom in the left hand symbolizes the creative activity of this institution. The culture is represented by the light blue circle.

Throughout history, different emblems have been used with various stylizations. But from 2013, the institutional use for the emblem was established to simple black strokes, without the light blue background, which is ratified in today´s manual.


After a contest to choose the slogan, the winner was Mr. Gonzalo Mercado Cerda proposal´s, "Truth, Beauty, Honesty", which was adopted by the University´s Assembly at the meeting on April 30, 1969.

According to the spanish language dictionary, the concept of truth describes the conformity of things with its mental representation; beauty is the property of the things that makes us love them, instilling in us a spiritual delight; honesty is a term associated with honor, which means rectitude and integrity in the action.


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